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Icon Social Media Management

Icon Social Media Management was born of necessity. The need to be found, heard, seen and discovered led us to create strategic plans, meaningful and engaging content and valuable analysis for social media campaigns.
If your company has the products and services that has potential customers, Icon Social Media Management is here to help. Balancing internet advertising campaign ideas from within a large company, or even trying to manage all of the details of a small company by very few can become cumbersome and takes away essential time for running the business end of the organization. Knowing not only where to post advertising, but what to say, how to make the target audience a part of the company's community is our specialty. Let us create a cohesive social media strategy and demonstrate how their dynamic analysis can boost traffic from your desired customers to your business.

2101 Deer Park Rd
Decatur, TX 76234


  • Marketing/Communications

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